Rumah Diaspora is an app that connects Indonesians looking to rent out rooms abroad with other Indonesians who are traveling overseas. The app is currently in beta phase and only available in Germany.

Idea behind Rumah Diaspora

Starting a new life abroad can be challenging at times. Finding a place to live itself can also be tricky as there are a lot of things to consider, including the cultural differences that may occur between neighbours. Rumah Diaspora is specifically created to make finding a place to live easier for Indonesians living abroad. With Rumah Diaspora, you can do everything with just a single tap. All units listed belong to fellow Indonesians, so you will never feel far away from home.

Project involvement
  • Responsible for developing backend system, which includes following features:
    • Restful API for the mobile app.
    • User permissions management.
    • Listings management.
    • Checkout management.
    • Subscription.
    • Etc.
  • Part of a team, that responsibles for developing hybrid mobile app with Ionic framework.

Link to the Rumah Diaspora website: Rumah Diaspora – Satu Atap, Satu Indonesia